Port Orchard minister admits on tape to rape of girl

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By Keith Eldridge

KOMO News / Seattle, WA

February 17, 2011

Dirk Jackson

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Investigaqtors say a minister has confessed on tape to raping a 12-year old girl years ago.

The alleged victim says she told her family about the alleged abuse by Pastor Dirk Jackson back in 2003, but nothing was done.

Now 21, the woman decided to report the alleged abuse herself after recently running into Jackson at another church.

The young woman claims Jackson sexually assaulted her several times while working as a teacher at the Manchester Christian Academy in Manchester, Wash.

The woman, who was a sixth grader at the school at the time, claims Jackson assaulted her in one of the classrooms while the other students were outside.

"We're just shocked, surprised, confused," said Pastor Jamie Greening, who works alongside Jackson. "This does not match. These allegations do not match the man we've known for eight years."

The church no longer runs the school. But when the woman visited First Baptist Church in Port Orchard last November and saw that Jackson was working as an ordained minister there, she feared he still had access to vulnerable children. So she decided to call the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office. Deputies then tapped into the woman's phone with her permission.

"Jackson stated several times he was sorry and worried what would happen with his marriage and children," court documents state. "He further spoke about being worried about going to prison."

On Thursday the courtroom was packed with his family and supporters. His wife sobbed. Jackson is a father of two young children.

Jackson's own father came to his defense.

"This is not a pattern," said Donn Jackson. "His life has absolutely been a contribution to our community. He won't go nowhere. We'll see to that."

A judge set bail at $50,000.

Meantime, friends of the alleged victim credited her bravery in coming forward.

"It's not her fault," said friend Stephanie Conrad. "She shouldn't feel bad that she said anything."

"He made his own choices," said Samantha Folden, another friend. "He ruined his own reputation. She didn't ruin his reputation."

Detectives are urging any other potential victims to call Det.Chad Birkenfeld at (360) 337-5619.

http://www.komonews.com/news/116445594.html (and pdf version)

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SBP Note: The First Baptist Church in Port Orchard is shown as an SBC-affiliated church.