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Ministers who have brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention: A-K

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These are just SOME of the men who have brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention. It is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Southern Baptist Convention does not make denominational assessments of "credibly accused" clergy child molesters in the way that Catholics and other major Protestant groups do. Nor does it keep records on clergy who admit to facts constituting child sex abuse. Nor does it have denominational processes for "defrocking" clergy or revoking their credentials. Among Baptists, these sorts of cases stay largely hidden.

These names represent only some of the publicly-reported news accounts involving Southern Baptist clergy. This list was attempted for a limited amount of time and is no longer being maintained.

Ralph Lee Aaron (AL)

Daniel Acker, Jr. (AL)

Robert Harvey Alexander (FL)(deacon)

Joshua Allen (TX)

Daniel Earl Allmond (FL)

Dale "Dickie" Amyx (TX)

John Anderson (AL, MS)

Andrew Argent (TX)

Matt Baker (TX)

Tim Ballard (AR)(church-school principal)

Joe Barron (TX)

Donald Chrisler Batson (SC)

Jeremy Benack (PA)

Stephen Douglas Berry (SC)

Robert M. Black (MO)

Jason Bolton (VA)

John Bonine (CA)

Walter Bowen (AL)

Gregory "Lee" Bowman (AL)

Brian Brijbag (FL)

Vincent Brookfield (OK)

Mark Lewis Brooks (MO)

Russell Dwain Brooks (GA)

Lonnie Broome (FL)

John Brothers, Jr. (KY)

W. Frank Brown (TX, IL)

Jim Kilburn Bruce (FL)(deacon)

Timothy Brumit (SC)

Charles W. "Chuck" Bryan, Jr. (OK)

Timothy Neal Byars (TN)

Guy Ellis Carr, Jr. (NC)(deacon)

Jeffrey Lamar Carter (FL)

Stephen Wayne Carter (NC, Int'l Mission Bd)

Jerry Dale Carver (TX)

Gordon Christopher (AZ)

Dennis Ray Collins (VA)

Ollin Collins (TX)

Jacob Conder (KY)

Joseph Edmund Conger (MO)

Michael Alan Crippen (MO)

Shawn Davies (MO, KY, MI)

Doug Davis (OK)

Christopher Decaire (AZ)

Gregory Dempsey (TN)

John Wayne Diehl (KY)

Timothy Dillmuth (NH)(failure to report)

Jeremy 'Jack' Ryan Duffer (VA, HI)

Garett Dykes (AL)

Stephen Lee Edmonds (deacon)(FL)

Richard Eland (deacon)(NH)(failure to report)

Thomas L. Elliott (NC)

Zachary Reed Emerson (AL)

Timothy Felts (TN)

Abraham George Ferris (NC)

Sigifrido Flores (TX)

Shane Flournoy (TX)

Chad Foster (TX)

Jermey Patrick Gable (FL)

Robert Gagnon (deacon)(NH)(failure to report)

Andres Garcia (CA)

Luis Federico Garcia (AL)

Keith Geren (FL)

Jonathan Tyler Giles (TN)

Tommy Gilmore (FL, GA, TX)

Darrell Gilyard (FL, TX)

Gregory Charles Goben (TX)

Brian "Doug" Goodrich, Jr. (NC)

Robert Gray (FL)

James Griffin (LA)

Scott Grose (IN)

Gary Hambright (CA)

Timothy Han (CA)

Steven Haney (TN)

Jeffrey Hannah (IL)

James Benjamin Harris (GA)

Benton Gray Harvey (Intl'l Mission Bd, AL)(fraud)

Emmett Hayslip (OK, ND)

George Hendon (MO)(deacon chair)

Gregory Martin Hill (SC)

Roy Mace Honeycutt (NC)

David Hoschar (TN)

John Hubner (ME, SC)

Forrest Lee Hudson (WA)

Joshua Humphrey (GA)

Jerry Hutcheson (FL, AL)

Joshua Ross Hyles (TX)

Joe Nix Ivey (MD)

Dirk P. Jackson (WA)

Fritzner Jean (FL)

Bernard "Bernie" Johnson (TX)

Paul Burke Johnson (NC)

Michael Lee Jones (TX)

Thomas Reid Jones (TX)

Joel Dean Joslin (TX)

Norman Henley Keesee (SC)

Keith Daniel Kiger (AR)

Marion Leon Kosier, Jr. (SC)

James Kubicek III (GA)

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